Top 10 Green Drinks : An Exploration Through Various Brands

Top 10 Green Drinks : An Exploration Through Various Brands

The world is going crazy about two things: Selfies and green drinks! From Hollywood celebrities to just your regular gym junkie, the world is obsessed with going green! There’s no room for cold beverages, coffee, filtered or other wise and definitely not protein supplements that were raging the markets about a year back. Its all new and its all grand. And why not? Returned to dust as we shall be, the best way to feed ourselves into the system of healthy rebirths is going green indeed!

Athletic Greens

Athletic drinks are basically formulated from  the concept of the gym junkie that requires all the natural fibres and supplements that will not just feed the muscles on display but also the entire body system that will help the function of the crazy work out routines and the diet charts that say no to basically every unhealthy thing in the world. Don’t just get impressed by the ripped physique and the six pack!! Figure out the right drink for you gym junkie and make sure that his little work out routine doesn’t just have weights and crunches but also healthy supplements to make the dream of the perfect body come true. Athletic greens are formulated specially for the health freaks, for whom the gym is their happy place!

Living Fuels Super Greens

Loaded with proteins and supplements, the right ingredients for a health drink, that too, a completely natural one, The living fuels Super greens is the drink that you should complete try out for beginner vegan diets that include a healthy concoction of the perfect enzymes that repair your health and your vitals.

Green Vibrance

The plus side to this particular brand is that it provides a detailed list of the ingredients used in the formulation with the perfect percentiles. A lot of people wonder how much protein and enzymes they are consuming when they drink energy drinks, and this provides the best explanation. Not just cool packaging and healthy promises, it make sure it lists its ingredients in a manner that is easily decipherable by people who take their chances on trying out a new band.

Shakeology Greens Drink

Apart from the cool name that attracts customers and people try to get a hold of the product, its the perfect concoction for ripped, muscled, health enthusiasts and food junkies who want to try out the new go green formula and want to start of with something that a lot of reviewers recommend.

This is something that everyone who has a new green resolution should start of with this year and enjoy the perks of healthy vitamins.

All Day Nergy Green Drink

The interesting thing about this particular product is the lineup of ingredients which scream “healthy”.

Barley, aloe, alfalfa, lecithin and more are some of the most common supplements found in ALL DAY ENERGY GREEN DRINKS as well as superfood drinks. A solid mid-range green drink powder, this drink values not just customer satisfaction with power ingredients but aims at health standards at the same time.

Boku Sperfood Organic Greens Drink

This particular brand comes with the goodness of organic greens and contains chlorella as well as spirulina, which are key ingredients to detoxifying heavy metal pollutants in the body. It also includes kelp, that helps in regulating thyroid function which in turn plays a key role in healthy hair growth. Mushrooms and sprouted veggies to boost the immune system and help digestion are also key ingredients in creating this absolutely amazing drink which also boasts of super fruits which have high antioxidant content.

The Amp Energy Drink Range

Psyched by high caffeine content in your energy drink? Caffeine gets your blood pumping? Well, here’s your drink. Crafted with the best doses of caffeine that easily adjusted in your body functions, this energy drink is the first choice of calorie counters who want to revamp their calorie count to something thats minimum and want to restrict their bodies into forming a system of detoxifying waste according to its caffeine content. Caffeine is know for its energy boosting properties and is a a sure hit for health conscious kids these days!

Yogi Positive Energy Tea

The name itself reeks of promises to a healthy mind and body. Filled with organic ingredients, camomile tea extracts, orange peels, citrus extracts, the right amount of caffeine, this herbal tea formula is the perfect way to cut the carbs nidi-style. The sophistication of muslin and the lean stealth of the forests. The perfect combo!

The Aloe Excess Herbal Drink

 As the name suggests, the main ingredient in the energy drink is that of natural aloe which curbs fatty acids and help release real toxins for from the body. A strange fact about processed aloe vera is the fact that it greatly helps with regulating menstrual cycles and can help regulate disruptive menstrual cycles while soothing the aching lower abdomen with its natural cooling extracts.

Its neither a regular energy drink that has synthesisers nor is it a tea form which has the lightness of the natural fibres. Its the right fit for people who want to feel the difference created by their workout routines.

It Works Greens Specials

A worldwide name in the world of fitness is that of Tony Robbins who boasts of a health regime that has bestowed him the perfect body. HE has come up with the secret to his perfectly chiseled body by introducing an energy drink that is promised to contain the goodness of rare and expensive anti oxidants, natural fruit extracts and is available in flavoured and non-flavoured variants. His workout videos do speak volumes about fitness and the right attitude, so does IT WORKS!

The boom of the green drinks are not just a hoax of beauty trademarks but a clear indication of the fact that we are heading towards a greener world, a healthier world, free of damage and distress.

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