Top 10 Energy Drinks To Keep You Going: Forget Fatigue Now

Top 10 Energy Drinks To Keep You Going: Forget Fatigue Now

In today’s age, everyone is so involved in their life and have so much to do in such less time that they often end up feeling exhausted and stressed out. Well, coffee or cold drinks might not always work for such people. They should go for a much healthier jolt of energy that is available in the form of various energy drinks. Energy drinks being a combination of caffeine, sugar, vitamins, taurine and many more things help boost the much-needed energy of the drinker in a healthier way. Some of the top energy drinks of the world are listed below.

1. Red Bull

Produced by an Austrian company, Red Bull is one of the best selling energy drinks. It’s brand slogan is “Red Bull gives you wings”. It has the right amount of taurine, caffeine, vitamins, glucose, and sucrose to energize your body without having side effects.

Unlike other energy drinks, Red Bull is not too sweet and comes in 8 different varieties like sugar-free, cola, red edition, total zero and so on. It is the diversity of its taste that makes it famous among all generation be it teenagers, youngsters or adults.

2. Monster

These energy drinks are the best choice when one is engaged in a strenuous activity. It  contains loads of sugar, vitamins and a few amino acids that give instant energy. Unlike other energy drinks, it comes in 16-ounce can and is preferred mainly by the youngsters. It has more than 30 varieties and is considered to be really tasty for an energy drink. Its unique selling point will be its reasonable price and exceptional taste which is not found in every energy drink.

3. Rockstar

Rockstar was first introduced in 2001 in the United States. With time it has gained a lot of popularity. It comes with different levels of caffeine catering the different needs of its consumers. One of its unique selling points is that it’s almost noncaloric. If someone is looking for a punch of energy without wanting to intake many calories this should be their go to drink. Full of vitamins, caffeine and herbal energy extracts it is one of the healthy energy drinks that are quite famous around the world.

4. B’lue

This is a more refreshing and caffeine free energy drink. It’s water based and is packed with vitamins and minerals like sodium, potassium, and magnesium. It’s one of the most healthy energy drinks and is the perfect choice to feel energized on a hot day or after an exhausting day. Since it’s free of sugar and caffeine it’s very famous among the working class and adults who are quite conscious about their health.

5. Amp Energy


Owned and produced by PepsiCo, Amp Energy is one of the popular competitors in this category. Besides the usual composition, it has a few additional amino acids like guarana, maltodextrin, ginseng, and taurine. Unlike other energy drinks, it’s flavored and tastes more like a soft drink which makes it a crowd pleaser. Since it has a lot of calories one should use it only while doing some physical activity like bike riding, trekking, and running.

6. Burn

A by-product of the Coca Cola company, it is a standard energy drink which is full of antioxidants, antacids, vitamins, and caffeine. Since its content of caffeine is way too high it is not recommended for daily use but only during extreme workout sessions. It has various varieties that appeal to the consumers and has made it popular enough to be one of the best energy drinks in the world.

7. Nos

Being named after a super fuel, Nos is preferred generally to keep one awake and alert for long hours. It has a higher content of caffeine than most energy drinks. Its unique selling point is the variety of flavors it comes in like grape, cherry, citrus and more. One 16 ounce can of NOS contains about 220 calories so it should not be used on a daily basis as that could be fattening for the body if the calories aren’t burned properly.

8. Gatorade

Gatorade is one of the oldest energy drinks that have been pleasing the public since 1965. It was originally launched to enhance the performance of the players in various games like football, cricket, and so on. It’s a water based energy drink that maintains the level of electrolytes in one’s body and stops the body from slowing down due to lack of water. It comes in different flavors and colors and is used by almost every other sports person and athletes.

9. Redline

This is another lesser known energy drink. It comes in various flavors like Redline VPX, Redline Princess, Redline Xtreme and so on. The unique selling point of these energy shots is that they provide instant energy and mental alertness and contains more than just sugar, caffeine and vitamins. It has many herbal extracts that make it different and more attractive than other energy drinks. It provides instant energy in a much healthier way and is gaining popularity slowly. It is used throughout South America because of its herbal supplements like green tea extract, toothed club moss, Yohimbe and more.

10. Lucozade

Introduced in 1927, Lucozade is among the most popular energy drinks. It was used to provide energy to people with common illness back then. With time it was recognized as energy as well as a sports drink. It’s available in different flavors like mango, cherry, orange, lemon, and much more. Since Lucozade is one of the noncaloric energy drinks it can be consumed by the working class who are stressed out and need something to increase their mental alertness. It’s lighter than other energy drinks but equally effective.

There are many such drinks but these are some that are known worldwide. We can say that energy drinks are a potent and a better source of energy than coffee and other soft drinks. Packed with vitamins and minerals, a majority of these drinks have a positive impact on one’s health and gives instant energy.

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