Living Green Supreme Review : A Blend Of All Nutrients

Living Green Supreme Review : A Blend Of All Nutrients

If you live in the western countries, it is a challenge to get healthy greens. You do not get the freshly plucked broccoli, kale, and spinach in the local markets or any super market as it is very difficult to find one that provides these veggies. When you get back home after the whole day work and finish dealing with all the kid’s work, cooking these veggies isn’t always the top priority for a lot of people.

Ingredients And Nutrition In The Product

When you look at the label description on the product, you get to see the ingredients are mentioned in 7 distinctive categories. They include organic fiber blend, organic vegetable blend, organic botanicals, organic greens blend, organic fruit blend, Pre/ Probiotic Blend, and Enzyme Blend. The details are discussed below about each one of the ingredients.

The Organic Fibre Blend

Each serving of the product offers you 2.5 grams of Organic Flax Seed and organic Gum Acacia. The organic flax seed provides fiber and the essential fatty acids. The gum acacia here is a texturing agent that will help the powder to mix well and it does contain ample amount of health benefits if you don’t know. Gum acacia is filled with dietary fiber that can help you feel full as well as it minimizes the cholesterol levels.

If you are thinking to shed some extra kilos, living green supreme food is an alternate option that can act as a healthy substitute for your unhealthy diet.

Organic Vegetable And Fruit Blend

The vegetable blend includes a good combination of nutritious vegetables such as organic carrot, parsley, broccoli, spinach, and beet. All these vegetables are present in the product as in the form of organic instead of juice extracts. The fruit blend includes organic acerola cherry, blueberry, cranberry, and raspberry. It would have been better if there were fruit extracts as well instead of powders.

Organic Botanical Green Blend

It is a collection of essential herbs meant for antioxidants, cleansing, energy boosting, and more. The entire botanical blend weighs only 210 mg. When you talk about organic greens blend, this section is dedicated to grasses and algae, and you get about 2 grams of organic Spirulina and chlorella along with a blend of fermented grass.

Pre/Probiotic Components And Enzymes

You get to see an ample amount of probiotics in the product of about 550 mg, and the probiotics that are released in the fragmented grasses are also added to this. When you talk about enzymes blend, you should know that there no drink powder supplement available without digestive enzymes. If there are found any, they are probably not good for your system. They assist in easy absorption and assimilation of nutrients in the body. The Living Green Supreme Food product consists of 100mg of protease, lipase, amylase, bromelain, and cellulose.

Pros Of The Living Green Routine

There are numerous benefits of consuming this powdered formula such as,

  • It helps in breaking down proteins and fats to provide favorable nutrients for cells.
  • It supports the healthy liver function and immune system to assist in de
  • It decreases the oxidative stress in the body.
  • It supports cell reproduction as well as the restorative process that upgrade healthy organs and tissues.
  • It also treated various skin disorders such as ulcers and eczema.
  • It protects the liver from harmful toxins and various types of drugs like Tylenol, etc.
  • It helps the liver to repair its damaged cells through the properties of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants.
  • The product is quite affordable for the quality of ingredients used in its making.
  • All the ingredients used in the product are organic which means there is no chance of side effects or adverse effects.
  • The fermented grass provides ample amount of essential nutrients and bacteria for the body.

Taste And Value Of The Living Green Supreme Food Powder

The texture and taste of the powder are fine as it has a quite sweet taste being a green drink and it is so because of the high amount of stevia. Some people are going to like the sweet taste while a lot of people would prefer the natural earthy flavor.

The value of this product is phenomenal. It comes with a 30-day supply with $37 where you get to pay $1 per serving which is superb.

Are There Any Negative Effects Of The Drink?

There are hardly any negative remarks about the living green supreme food powder. There is only one such negative point that can be noticed about the product; that it is made up of fruit and vegetable powders. It would have been far better if the makers used the natural fruit and vegetable juice extracts instead of powders to enhance the nutrient value of the product along with its efficacy

A beneficial product such as Living Green Supreme Food at just $37 for a total 30-day supply is a great deal and it would be better if you call it as a bargain green super food supplement. With a sweet taste that most powder manufacturing companies lack, this product is also enriched with omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, fermented grasses, and numerous health boosting essential greens such as Chlorella and Spirulina. The organic natures of all the ingredients are paired with essential nutrients in this powder supplement making the unique supreme food product one of the best super food powders available.


The healthy green super foods are not only good for the health but also help one’s system to work properly preventing the body from harmful diseases and skin conditions. The fact that most of the people do not get the green foods easily is quite detrimental.

The living green super foods are the best alternative when it comes to unavailability of natural green foods. This food product is a powdered formula that is a combination of all-natural sources of vitamins, nutrients, phytonutrients, and essential minerals.

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