All About Green Drinks: Recipe, Benefits And More

All About Green Drinks: Recipe, Benefits And More

So what are Green Drinks? Contrary to an intuitive explanation – a drink that is healthy for nature – it, in fact, refers to a drink healthy for you. But without further ado let’s jump into this article where we’ll tell you all you need to know about green ingredients to make your life healthier and better.

Drink 1 – Berry Banana Smoothie

An antioxidant is a word every health conscious person is well acquainted with. If you haven’t heard of it yet, please concentrate on the next words. It is an element found in food items that prevent oxidation in our body. Oxidation is harmful to us because it obstructs the breakdown of food items causing us to become fatter and unhealthier. So which food items have antioxidants? – Berries and Bananas! (There are plenty of other fruits rich in anti-oxidants as you’ll see in the following drinks)

These kinds of fruits shall be our primary ingredients. The next thing this green drink requires is a protein which we shall add in the form of milk, almonds and chia seeds. And our Green ingredient of the day shall be Spinach!

Method: Put broken down chunks of frozen blueberries and bananas with almond butter, chia seeds, milk, spinach and ice in a blender and turn it on. When the mixture has become thick and smooth pour it out into a glass and enjoy! (One can always skip the ice if they don’t want their smoothie to be ice cold)

Drink 2 – Pea Magic

As is evident from the name, the green ingredient for this drink is Pea! This drink is a large dose of protein that will help you build up your muscles! It’s best to consume this one when following a stringent workout regime and in need of proteins.

In addition to pea, we shall put in coconut, banana, and mango to turn up the flavor. We’ve now got the tropical taste of mangoes, the protein of peas and sodium and potassium of bananas together. Blend these four ingredients with spinach, ice, and milk to get your Green drink ready!

Drink 3 – Green Almond Chocolate

The next element we need to educate ourselves about is phytochemicals. Phytochemicals have tons of subgroups and are often referred to as flavonoids, procyanidins, flavonols etc. – which might all be very confusing. All that we need to know about phytochemicals is that they are present in large quantities in almost every fruit, vegetable, herbs, seeds – any green item. What makes them so special and important is that they help prevent diseases by boosting our immunity! Maybe that’s why doctors always ask us to turn up the number of green items in our diet.

So in this drink, we use leafy greens that are exceptionally rich in phytochemicals. Not only that, they also contain iron and calcium! We pack our leafy greens with Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of ground flax seeds or hemp seeds.

Now to make sure we can gulp it down, we use milk that is chocolate plant based as the key ingredient for this drink. While processed chocolates are both fattening and unhealthy, original chocolate plant seeds are exceptionally healthy. We also add almond butter and dates (pitted to take out the seeds) to make sure good tastes overpower any healthy and unwanted pungent flavors.

Blend all ingredients together with ice and voila! Your healthy green drink is ready for you to enjoy!

Drink 4 – Kale Cucumber Juice

This drink is greener than the rest, for it literally has all green ingredients! Cucumber comprises of healthy doses of silica which is extremely good for skin. So not only does cucumbers help hydrate your body, it also improves your skin. A glass of this drink not only awakens your taste buds and cools your stomach but also makes your skin glow! Kale has fiber, protein and Vitamins A, K and C in addition to a host of other nutrients that make it nutritious and healthy. 

We crush the cucumber and Kale in a hard juicer and add Cilantro, Mango and a little bit of lemon to spruce it up. The final result is a glass of refreshing green tonic perfect for a hot summer afternoon.

Drink 5 – Vitamin Green

Here we use a diuretic – Parsley. A diuretic is a substance that increases the amount of urine manufactured in one’s body. And in this manner, it helps flush out the excess toxins in one’s body. Our next ingredient is Spinach which has been used in almost all of the drinks mentioned in this article and now we’ll tell you why. Spinach is a well-known supplier of Vitamin A. What most people don’t know is that it is also rich in something called glycoglycerolipids. This weirdly named substance helps to prevent cancer by attacking carcinogenic elements from working their black magic upon our organs.

To Spinach and Parsley, add cucumber and celery and put them all in a juicer with some ice. While this concoction might not have a very appealing taste, it is definitely refreshing and effective. It’s guaranteed to improve the health of your skin by flushing out excess toxins and healing your body from within.

Drink 6 – Green Apple Kiwi Juice

For our last drink here, let us use one of the most coveted green fruits – Kiwi. This exotic fruit is as rich in antioxidants as it is in taste. To this special ingredient, we add green apple, spinach, and celery. All three boost our natural immunity. Besides being rich in antioxidants they also contain fiber and other nutritious substances mentioned earlier.

We use lime juice and honey as condiments binding together all the green ingredients and adding a flavor to them. Blend together adequate amounts of all these substances and enjoy!

There are plenty of other green drink out there waiting to be discovered by you! Use your imagination and combine healthy fruits and vegetables you may not be keen on tasting with ones you do like and you’ll have made yourself your very own green drink! 

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