Athletic Greens : Everything You Wanted To Know About

Athletic Greens : Everything You Wanted To Know About

When we think of athletic greens as just a super food, it would be completely Vallet to say that athletic greens is not just a super food but the food that nourishes our body and recharges our system in ways that are completely unknown to mankind before this.

I woke up one morning with unbearable pain in my joints having travelled to work for several hours before that.

It was unthinkable pain.

Being in the early 30s is never a happy thing for any man what with the wives problems taking the children to school and getting the groceries back from walk has always been a tough job. When I thought about my body Giving up on me I panicked. The next morning my physician introduced me to an amazing product that completely changed my life.

About Athletic Greens


Talking about athletic greens, it is never been easier to consume something that is full of nutrients and supplements for 600-year-old recipe. I had heard my young friends talk about athletic greens at work all the time and I thought to myself that it was such a waste of time spending money on something that is expensive and probably not natural for that matter but when I came across the age old recipe of athletic greens I was pleasantly surprised! The rave reviews about athletic greens in the Amazon website also helped in my doubts and I started using athletic greens as a regular supplement drink and everything about my life changed.

The old folks talk about whole-grain foods leafy green vegetables and citrus fruits that help in detoxifying our body systems once and for all and athletic greens is a mixture of all things that are good in nature and a drink that comes with its own benefits and ingredients help releasing toxins from the daily wear and tear of the body.

Why Athletic Greens!

A complete charmer from the beginning athletic greens works in intricate ways and can be called a super food not just by users but also believers, posts of whom are available as customer reviews on the Amazon store and you will revel in the glorious reviews that users have had to say about this superfood.

For the month usage, a single pack that contains almost 30 servings and that too, a standard packet of athletic greens, it is packed with algae minerals and vitamins antioxidants as well as citrus fruit extracts ————everything that is good and scientifically proven to be the best nutrients suggested for consumption by health professionals!

Athletic greens are not just suggested by health competent fitness freaks but also gym junkies who like their muscles ripped and their diet charts upgraded with what is termed as “the green drink of the year”.

The other best part about athletic greens is the fact that the makers of athletic greens have kept in mind the nutritious value of the natural ingredients and included sensitive packaging that doesn’t just make sure that the ingredients are fresh and kept intact for a long time but also does not detoxify the natural effects of the antioxidant that are included in the making of the best product in the world.

My Personal Rendev-Vous With Athletic Greens

My personal journey with Athletic Greens has been a great one. Everyone deals with not just hormonal issues during her lifetime of giving birth and taking care of kids and raising a family but also of psychological problems when we look in the mirror and see a reflection of a lesser version of our fabulous selves. Like every other woman going through their middle ages, I have experienced psychological breakdowns when everything in the world seemed like a darker place. My fitness regime did not include an energy drink which would completely change the view I had about life and people who want to get healthier despite the challenges the daily life throws at you.

Like every what other woman on the block if you have started thinking about your life and getting healthier is not just an option but a choice that you make then athletic greens is the first step towards a healthier future. Don’t just read the reviews. Experience it for yourselves!

Its not just the fact that you want to look like a super-model on the bill board of some lingerie ad, its more the glow of life that you are after, then here’s your magic potion. Recommended by the world’s best fitness experts, its not just an energy drink but a means to changing your personal life into one of completeness and being happy about who you are, just a healthier version at that!

Cons Of The Athletic Greens Range


Like every other brand product in the market there are some negatives that comes with the Athletic Greens range as well. The negatives are constant and can be overlooked during your journey of achieving a physique that is envied by all your friends and a healthier self.

There are three things that are necessary to be mentioned when one is advertising the proficiency of athletic greens as an energy drink, the first being the fact that if you are somebody who does not move a muscle and been just in front of the television surfing Netflix and spends weekends on fried food and everything that is unhealthy, I am not sure Athletic Greens is your magic mantra!

An unhealthy person will always remain unhealthy no matter what he consumes and how much nutrients are introduced in his body! To actively enjoy the perks of athletic greens as a supplement you have to start being active yourself and the ground rules of that start from leading a healthier lifestyle. Athletic Greens is not a magic drug that will transform you from a fat little toddler to popeye on a spinach run!

The second point that users should be aware of is the fact that Athletic greens is more or less a high-end brand that ensures the best qualities of a market drink. Like I mentioned while reviewing the product, the energy drink is a concoction of all things natural and has the goodness of 11 great supplements that make up a product boasts of rave reviews and a fan base of generations around the globe. It is natural that in order to consume 11 great ingredients, you have to gulp down 20 different pills that promise enhancements of our body systems. Athletic greens claims to do the work of all these 11 supplements in just one scoop of nutritious product and you cannot be a miser to a health supplement that has the goodness of nettle, caffeine, anti-oxidants and fruit extracts all in one product! If you are hoping for a miracle drug that suddenly bestows you muscles of a ring fighter and the energy of a gymnast, then you are wrong. good product will always cause you to spend more money. High end make up brands cost a bomb and women don’t bat an eyelid when it comes to purchasing perfumes and the latest fashion trends, then why be a miser when it comes to ensuring a healthier future for both you and your family?

The final point of pointing out the cons of the product is the fact that if you are expecting a one night wonder with the transformation into a bull that you have the wrong product. The natural ingredients take their own time to adjust to your body type and provide you with the correct nutrition that is required for your body type. You have to lend the product enough time to get used to the particular body type and start working at its full potential.

Everything good comes with a price and in the case of Athletic Greens it comes with a price of patience. I wouldn’t recommend you purchasing a pack if you cannot have the patience of being patient with the product that is supposed to boost your natural health system.

How Does Athletic Greens Work?

Made up of 25 different alkaline complexes, which suggests about 8 grams of raw alkalising food at a time in your body, Athletic Greens comes with its own highly nutritious propagandas and apart from just the reviews that you read on  the Amazon page, lets just include a quick review on how this works for everyone! To understand the alkalinity of your body, one has to understand the concept of pH balance in the body which basically controls the acid refluxes in the human body, the value of which differs on a scale of more or less than 7. If your pH balance is shifted from its natural base, it can cause severe acidity, gastro intestinal problems and the likes that can become a rather difficult problem to deal with in the future years as you grow older and so does your body reflexes. The Athletic Greens range makes sure that your pH balance is within the normal range and causes the repair of your bodily functions according to your pH balance and you do not have to worry worry about gastrointestinal problems in the future. By ensuring the normal functioning of your pH balance in the body Athletic Greens make sure that the body does not suffer from any gastrointestinal issues in the future which is a great thing to begin with if you’re thinking about getting rid of your digestion anytime soon.

The superfood apart from getting rid of your pH balance issues also has the goodness of vitamin c which play is an immensely important role in strengthening immunity as well as vitamin B 12 which is an enzyme which fights off weak metabolism. The proper functioning of your central nervous system is a key point that makes Athletic Greens an immensely important energy drink. It is not just a synthetic drink which focuses on building your muscles but also strengthening your immune system as well as repairing your gastrointestinal issues which is a major concern for people or all around the world.

Apart from vitamin B12 and the necessary antioxidants needed to cure you of your pH imbalance Athletic Greens also boasts of an exotic mushroom recipe as well as magnesium which are also vital ingredients to a healthier being.

The Popularity Clause

One can believe that the purpose of the health drink flaunting imperfect models as regular people is the intention of touching the sentiment of 50+ menopausal women or regular people past their 30s who want to look healthy and feeling healthy rather than just have muscles or a beautiful body.

The second reason why Athletic greens have gained immense popularity among the young generation is the fact that it has encourage people not to just stay fitter but also include fitness routines in their daily lives that include yoga, a little bit of running or spending less than an hour in the gym voluntarily without thinking of how much work or sweat do you have incorporated in feeling a little healthier. The fact that athletic greens encourages people to work out is one of the main attractions of the health drink as not just an energy drink with synthesises your bodily fluids but also makes you want to feel fitter as a person.

Processed in the GMP (good manufacturing practices)certified association Athletic Greens promises what it promotes. You will essentially get what you pay for that is a super food which is completely and reached with 75 ingredients in the purest form as well as antioxidants, citrus fruits, rich caffeine as well as vitamin,minerals and exotic mushrooms that form the diet for the healthiest person possible.

Is The “Green Concoction Of The Year” A Scam?


The fact that the processing takes place in a GMP approved facility speaks volumes about the authenticity of this product which according to me has the most significant features that a health drink can have in the possible making. The ingredients of this particular product as well as its batch source can be traced with the help of an elevated system which to me is an extremely novel idea. The manufacturing company does not just exceed the FDA guidelines in terms of the quality control but also as a health supplement boasts of the final shipment being completely quality controlled. In fact the product before being shipped is double checked and has all the documents necessary to be produced for an FDA approved energy drink that a lot of other drinks in the market cannot produce while they advertise rare ingredients and superfood recipes. Analytical and microbiological testing is done before the final shipment of energy drink and all the shipments are carefully processed according to world health organisation guidelines and they follow strict rules and can produce the documents of the same.

The Scientist Verdict


It is safe to say that the product is not scientifically disapproved and it is also true that no scientific study has been taken solely on the particular product. To verify the authenticity of the Athletic Greens energy drink is not just based on the statement that the scientists have approved of it, but also on the fact that it uses free dried and cold milled technique which is the best technique that can be used to preserve the goodness of the rich mushrooms and algae that is used in the formulation of the product. It is fairly common that heat or light processing of natural fibres and enzymes as well as products like barley mushrooms can destroy the natural goodness and benefits of the product, thus rendering the benefits of a common energy drink and not of the superfood. The makers of the Athletic Greens product have made sure that they take care of such techniques and produce the best possible quality when it comes to the scientific processing of the product.

The components that are used in the making of the product individually are known for their beneficial properties. These components include spiraluna, rich mushrooms, spinach, barley, mushrooms, vitamins, minerals, between B12 etc. The makers of the Athletic Greens drink have not just kept in mind the beneficial properties of the ingredients that they have used in the creation of the fabulous product but also kept in mind that the product is used for different body types which may vary in there nutrient values. The different body types that can benefit from this energy drink range from almost all medical possibilities of human body control system which makes the makers double check the nutrient control systems and get their mineral content approved according to FDA guidelines.

The Pricing Of Athletic Greens

Much like all products available on the net the athletic greens energy drinks can be purchased via two methods. You can go for the monthly subscription which will ensure greater monetary benefits as well as go for the one time purchase only to experiment with the product and get used to the benefits.

Out of the two ways in which you could purchase your pack of Athletic Greens, one is the standard subscription that values for $77/mo and lasts upto 30 servings for the whole one month of the subscription. The Athletic Greens Reviews always praise the standard payment plan as the one that it value for money and is also extremely convenient for first timers who are trying out the product for the first time and are following examples of their friends who have gained immense benefits from the usage of the product. The second form of subscription is termed the “Double Hit” which is an interesting concept and ensures 60 servings of the amazing health drinks for $147/mo. This particular scheme comes with a whopping 24% off on the subscription and most users ha review the item on Amazon have voted it to be one of the most beneficial schemes. In comparison to the standard subscription as well as the double hit, the trial pack is pretty expensive and is not recommended at all. $97 for 30 servings that last you a month is a rather step price to pay for the first time that you experiment with a product that seems to have rave reviews on the internet.

Apart from the standard schemes and means of payment, there are always offers available online on the product and there are healthy discounts as well as coupons that one can use to get rid of extra money shelled out in purchasing this health potion.

Fun Facts

The NYC Bestseller green health drink is not just a nutritious concoction of bodily enzymes that ensure great health results but also consists of anti-cancer properties! The reishi- mushrooms that are used in the the formulation of this product are an active ingredient that help in fighting cancer and are extremely beneficial for your digestive system and building immunity against rough days!

It is not a vegan drink. It does consist of 2 non-dairy products that are used in the formulation and cannot be termed as vegan.

It typically takes a standard month to start feeling the difference in your basic health system as it adjusts to your body clock and starts proving you with the best nourishment that it can.

Athletic Greens sports its own website for online purchases here.

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